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Task – This was written for a US Dentist who asked me to write content for his Returning Smiles procedure. Here’s the result.

Aesthetic Dentistry content – Implant Dentistry – Returning Smiles

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Header TitleConfidence Begins And Ends With A Great Smile

Subtitle/header box text – Returning Smiles – The simple and hassle-free way to a permanent full-arch teeth restoration

No more hiding your smile and no uncomfortable dentures. Instead, our revolutionary Returning smiles procedure delivers a complete full-arch teeth restoration in as little as two visits.

Don’t settle For Less – Consider Returning Smiles!

Box 1

2 Visits – Come in for your implant placement, and we’ll also attach your individually-designed, high-strength custom bridge simultaneously. On the second visit, once the bone is healed, your lifelike permanent crowns are placed to complete your new smile.

Box 2

Uniquely Designed Just For You – Our state-of-the-art hybrid bridge and crowns are digitally designed in our office and handcrafted by an expert. This ensures the highest degree of comfort, aesthetics and function to suit your needs.

Box 3

Finest high-grade materials – Our custom bridges and crowns are made with the highest quality materials. This means that you are guaranteed a great-looking, flawless smile that looks fantastic and feels great!

Box 4

The ultimate strength – Our custom-milled ceramic bridge is bonded to a lightweight custom-milled titanium bar for a permanent fixed restoration—no danger of slippage or movement. Instead, patients can expect a super-strong restoration that won’t let you down.

Box 5

Permanent dental solution – We place more than four dental implants where possible to promote greater stability and excellent long-term success.

Box 6

 Exceptional team – Dr David Umansky and the team are at the pinnacle of aesthetic dentistry in Texas. Using a combination of cutting-edge techniques, gentle dentistry and a patient-centered focus, they see that you get the individualized and life-changing smile you want.

Call To Action

A beautiful smile is worth its weight in gold, so don’t settle for second best – Talk to us about our revolutionary Returning Smiles treatment protocol today.

Call 281-446-4700 or schedule a consultation (insert link here) and get the smile you always dreamed of.

Why Choose Us

Box 7

Returning Smiles – More than just great teeth

If you are experiencing multiple missing teeth or an ill-fitting denture, you already know how miserable it can make you feel. Returning Smiles treatment with our highly experienced doctors and exceptional artistry offers a permanent fixed-teeth solution that allows you to eat, chew and smile again naturally.  

But more than that, great-looking teeth can also make you look healthier, appear more youthful and assist in bringing back some of that much-needed confidence.

Box 8

Returning Smiles – limited surgery time and a speedier recovery

Undergoing dental implants can be a time–consuming process involving multiple dental visits over many months. Conversely, because our Returning Smiles procedure uses the latest digital dental techniques, much of the work can be done in the planning stages. Ultimately, when the time comes for you to undergo surgery for fitting, chair time is significantly reduced, and so is the recovery period.

Box 9

Returning Smiles – Custom-designed for your peace-of-mind

The Returning smiles hybrid bridge is a custom-milled ceramic bridge bonded to a custom-designed titanium framework. Fabricated for an exacting fit at the time of surgery, it’s lightweight, so it sits comfortably in the mouth while remaining super-strong. Once in position, both frame and bridge can deliver decades of hassle-free use.

Testimonial section  

Genuine Stories from Genuine Returning Smiles Patients

Take a look for yourself to see just how our Returning Smiles treatments have solved many of the problems and embarrassment that edentulate patients face, how the right treatment gives patients a smile that they can be proud of, and how it has changed lives!

Insert testimonials here

Promotional section

Let’s Give You A Real Reason To Smile!

If you are still unsure whether the Returning Smiles procedure is for you, how about a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with our experienced team? This includes a 3D X-ray, free of charge.

That’s one chance to find out if this state-of-the-art procedure will work for you at zero cost! What have you got to lose?

We’ve helped hundreds of people achieve the smiles of their dreams, so isn’t it time we helped you? Schedule a consultation with Dr Umansky and the team today on 281-446-4700  

How It Works

Title – Returning Smiles – Get Beautifully Crafted, Permanently Implanted Teeth in Just 2 Visits

What’s a custom-milled hybrid bridge/denture, and how does it work?

To better understand our Returning Smiles procedure, it’s essential to know just how a hybrid bridge/denture works.

Treatment involves a complete set of permanent lifelike and durable teeth which are custom-designed to be attached to pre-positioned dental implants (usually four or more)

When a dental implant is placed into the jaw, it fuses with the remaining bone tissue to create a robust platform. Our hybrid bridge system attaches to the implants using tiny screws, Although our team can remove it during cleaning appointments. Unlike dentures, it’s designed to stay in the mouth permanently.

Here’s How The Returning Smiles Process Works

Step 1 – Free consultation

During a free consultation, you’ll meet the team, who will discuss the process in detail. This way, you know what to expect. They’ll answer any questions or concerns you have, discuss finance options and determine a course of action.

Step 2 – Planning your returning smile

Once initial records are taken, you’ll meet with us to create your perfect smile. We’ll talk to you about tooth shape, color, size and smile design. We’ll also take a 3D scan of your face to ensure an exacting fit. This is done using the latest face recognition software.

Step 3 – Implant placement

During surgery, your comfort is always our number one priority. Once ready, we’ll place your implants using the latest digital dentistry techniques. When your implants are in position, we’ll also fit your high-strength custom bridge, complete with temporary teeth for that instant smile.

Step 4 – Permanent fixture design

While you are recovering and bone fusion is taking place, we’ll make your permanent crowns. Our highly skilled dentists and ceramicists will fabricate your teeth in our dental lab in our dental office. Teeth are digitally designed, milled and handcrafted for a flawless look. Work includes shading, glazing and gum design.

Step 5 – Permanent fitting

After several weeks or months, the time has come to receive your permanent crowns. In a short, non-surgical procedure, your temporaries are removed, and your permanent teeth are attached to your custom-milled titanium bar already placed in your mouth. Then, all that’s left is a quick final check to ensure the highest levels of comfort and aesthetics, and you’re good to go!

All that’s left to do is to get on with your life and enjoy a great-looking smile – Simple!

Call To Action

Want to take the first steps towards a fully restored smile and a more confident you? Call 281-446-4700 and schedule an appointment with our highly skilled team.

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Other returning Smiles Procedures

Box 1

Single tooth replacement

If you have a missing tooth that is visible in your smile line, then our Returning Smiles procedure can help. Instead of waiting months and multiple procedures for implant placement, Our highly-skilled team can place a single implant, abutment and temporary crown in just one sitting.

Then, after several weeks or months, once the implant has integrated with your bone tissue, we’ll replace your temporary crown with a custom-designed permanent ceramic crown to fully complete your smile.

Find out more here (link to Aesthetic Dentistry Associates single tooth replacement page)

Box 2

Implant-supported bridge

Unlike conventional bridges, an implant-supported bridge does not rely on healthy teeth for support. Instead, as the name suggests, a custom-designed bridge is supported by one or more dental implants.

During the procedure, state-of-the-art implants are placed, along with the high-strength custom bridge consisting of 2, 3 or even four units. Ultimately, patients can walk out of the dental office with a brand-new smile from the get-go.

All that is left to do is to fit any permanent crowns once the implant/implants have integrated. It’s an easy, simple solution to an inconvenient and uncomfortable problem.

Read more here (link to Aesthetic Dentistry Associates Implant-Supported Bridge Page)

Box 3

Implant-supported dentures

While conventional dentures enable patients to eat, chew and smile naturally, they can slip and slide in the mouth over time. This can cause significant embarrassment and, in many cases, discomfort. The perfect alternative is our implant-supported dentures.

Our implant-supported dentures are designed to be secured directly to several or more dental implants anchored into the jaw bone. Fabricated to be clipped, snapped or screwed into position, they won’t move. 

For you, this means the ability to eat and speak with confidence, safe knowing that your dentures will stay permanently in position.  

Discover more here (link to Aesthetic Dentistry Associates implant-supported dentures page)  

Final call to action –

Whether you have one, several or many missing teeth, you should never have to live with a gappy or toothless smile. Talk to the team today about how our Returning Smiles procedures can help! Convenient, cost-effective and straightforward, schedule a consultation by calling 281-446-4700 and enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile sooner than you think!

Sample two

Task – this client was setting up a private dental clinic from scratch and asked me to write the content for their website. Here’s the home page.


Welcome to Foxbury Dental

Exceptional patient-centred dental care, guaranteed to make you smile

Call us on 01858 455 100


On behalf of the team, we’d like to welcome you to Foxbury Dental.

Situated in a fabulous Georgian building, our private dental practice has all the modern technology needed to ensure exceptional, family-centred dental care where the focus is well and truly on you.

From the warm reception you’ll receive in a relaxed and homely setting to our brand of gentle dentistry, delivered with care, empathy and understanding, we’re changing the way that patients view a trip to the dentist – one smile at a time!

Need a local, family-centred dentist you can trust?

Contact Foxbury Dental today

Over 500 excellent reviews

We Love Dentistry

At Foxbury Dental, we’ve created an environment within the local community where innovative dentistry and strong values of honesty and integrity go hand in hand. We’re wholly committed to providing you with the best service possible in the best way possible – so why not come and see for yourself?

Just in case you remain unconvinced, here are six other fundamental reasons to consider us


Dr Jimenez and her Foxbury Dental team are passionate about maintaining, restoring and rejuvenating patients’ smiles. This passion for helping others shines through in every person they see and every treatment they carry out.

Relaxed Setting

Those visiting our family dentist in Husbands Bosworth can expect a custom-built dental clinic created within a fabulous Georgian building where patients can feel relaxed – a real home from home.

Comprehensive Dentistry

We provide a comprehensive range of preventative, restorative, cosmetic and emergency dental services to patients of all ages. All treatments are conveniently carried out under one roof.

Latest Technology

As a modern dentist serving Rugby, we’ve invested in some of the latest technology designed to make treatments more comfortable, convenient and cost-effective for our patients.

Affordable Treatments

At Foxbury Dental, we believe that everyone should have access to affordable, quality, private dental care. Our patients can benefit from custom treatment plans and fixed finance packages, allowing them to receive quality treatment when they need it most.


We’re proud to practice eco-friendly dental care and are fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint, lessening waste and prioritising preventative dental care to reduce further treatments.  

What we do

We offer a full range of services and treatments at our dental practice in Husbands Bosworth.

Treatments Include

General Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

Kids Dentistry

Teeth straightening

Dental implants

Emergency Dentistry

We can’t wait to see you smile

Because we’re a friendly and private dentist serving RugbyLutterworthMarket Harborough and Leicester, there’s no rush for patients to make decisions. We aim to provide the very best care possible, and if this means taking whatever time is needed to identify the right personalised treatment for you, then that’s okay with us!


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